Project Profile 1

Project Summary:

This customer moved into a newly remodeled building and required a network infrastructure that would support both a gigabit network and a new Voice over IP (VoIP) phone system. We had the building wired with CAT6 cabling for data and phones. We installed a new server rack enclosure, including patch panels and wiring management for all the newly installed network equipment and servers in this cabinet. In addition, we also installed Cisco wireless access points (ceiling mounted) to provide secure Wi-Fi access for both internal and guest use. The customer has space available to install additional equipment for future growth as needed.

Services Provided:

Wiring Management
Secure Wireless Access
Disaster Recovery Solution
Floor/Wall Rack Enclosures
VoIP Phones and Service
Firewall and VPN Remote Access
Server and Workstation Hardware
CAT5e/CAT6 Infrastructure Wiring


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